Educational project

  • School welcoming children from 2 to 11 years old

  •   Montessori pedagogy

  •   Language teaching: French, English, Spanish

  •   Program of the common base of National Education respected in atmosphere 6-11

  •   Course of the Montessori Pedagogy for the atmosphere 3-6

  •   Respect for the child's work rhythm


  • Offer the child a place where he feels good, safe, happy and where he wants to work.

  • Respect the child in his needs, his rhythm, his personality and in his dignity.

  • Promote the personal development of each child, while promoting their social integration.

  • Develop autonomy, willpower and a sense of responsibility.

  • Allow the child to acquire the fundamental learning and the cultural bases necessary for the awakening of his critical spirit.

  •   Allow the child to acquire a solid knowledge base from concrete experience, give the desire to learn and the taste for effort.

  •   Trust the child to learn on their own.



  • Make the child aware of his responsibility with regard to the planet.

  • Allow the child to adapt to his environment and think for himself.

  • Allow the child to respect others and to interact with them (children and adults).

  • Help the child to manage his emotions, to manage conflicts in a non-violent way, to develop his control of himself, his body and his movements.