Montessori Colors

Bilingual Nursery & Elementary School
In Toulouse:


 Opening of a 2-3 year old class in September 2022

Montessori Colors

is a nursery and elementary Montessori school that welcomes children aged 2 to 11 (possibility of registration from 2 years old, under conditions).

Located northwest of Toulouse in the Purpan district, this establishment is made up of 3 atmospheres: 2-3 years old 3-6 years old  and 6-11 years old. It aims to provide a safe and educational environment where your child will receive the attention and care they need. 

Private establishment not under contract with the State (not subsidized), we are however subject to the same regulatory provisions as national education establishments as well as the supervisory authorities on which they depend. 


of our school


At the Montessori Colors school, your child will participate in adapted activities throughout the day.

  He will benefit from teaching according to the pedagogical method of Maria Montessori. Thus, your child will evolve and learn at his own pace.

We guarantee the acquisition of the common core of National Education knowledge for elementary students.

Meals and snacks are prepared by API, a local caterer. 


Our classes

Three classes make up our school:

The Ambiance 2-3 years (kindergarten)

 The Ambiance 3-6 years old (kindergarten) 

The atmosphere 6-11 years old (elementary from CP to CM2)

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· Opening of a 2-3 year old class in September 2022 ·



The teaching team of the Montessori school considers the teaching of languages  primordial,  the activities are provided in French as well as in English and Spanish. Here are some suggested activities:

Miscellaneous games

Arts and crafts



And many others

Every Wednesday morning, a Spanish teacher Sandra will teach her mother tongue to the children through games, sports and manual activities.